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Free Roman Zadorov!

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Political prisoners are entitled to due process, fair and public hearing!

Debtors' courts -

Administration and computerization


Human Rights Alert NGO is dedicated to monitoring Human Rights, procedures and institutions of the democratic regime in Israel. In particular - justice and law enforcement agencies. Special focus is placed on investigating the validity and integrity of e-government systems. Human Rights Alert engages in discovery, archiving and dissemination of records, reports, articles, media publications, conference presentations in such matters; taking necessary court actions in this context. 

Since 2009 Human Rights Alert is a registered NGO with the UN Human Rights Council. Since 2017 Human Rights Alert NGO is a registered Israeli non-profit Amuta. 

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Human Rights Alert NGO

PO Box 33407, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Tel: 026236102  Fax: 077-3179186


Human Rights Alert NGO was registered with the Israeli Ministry of Justice in November 2017 as a non-profit Amuta, No.  580654598.

Please send donations to the address above, or by electronic fund transfer to:

Bank HaPoalim, Daniel Frish branch, Tel-Aviv