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2014-01-06 Prayer for the peace and welfare of US anti judicial corruption activists ROGER SHULER...

Richard Fine during his confinement 2009-2010

Tel-Aviv, December 31 - today, news arrived here of the unknown fate of notable US activist WILLIAM WINDSOR -  producer of the unreleased documentary "Lawless America" .  

And in October this year, we were informed of the beating and false imprisonment of blogger ROGER SHULER in Alabama - continuing to this date.  

RICHARD FINE - former US prosecutor, who exposed and rebuked the taking of bribes by all California judges in Los Angeles, was falsely imprisoned in solitary for 18 months in 2009-10.

Let's pray for the Human Rights of the people of the United States, a failed nation, falling into the abyss and posing great risks for the entire world in the process, and in particular - for the peace and welfare of the brave activists, who expose the central role of corruption of the courts and the legal profession in the current socio-economic crisis in the United States!

All three, Richard Fine, Roger Shuler, and Bill Windsor, are activists with whom I collaborated until my escape from the United States under clear and imminent danger...


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