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2014-01-06 Prayer for the peace and welfare of US anti judicial corruption activists ROGER SHULER...

Richard Fine during his confinement 2009-2010

Tel-Aviv, December 31 - today, news arrived here of the unknown fate of notable US activist WILLIAM WINDSOR -  producer of the unreleased documentary "Lawless America" .  

And in October this year, we were informed of the beating and false imprisonment of blogger ROGER SHULER in Alabama - continuing to this date.  

RICHARD FINE - former US prosecutor, who exposed and rebuked the taking of bribes by all California judges in Los Angeles, was falsely imprisoned in solitary for 18 months in 2009-10.

Let's pray for the Human Rights of the people of the United States, a failed nation, falling into the abyss and posing great risks for the entire world in the process, and in particular - for the peace and welfare of the brave activists, who expose the central role of corruption of the courts and the legal profession in the current socio-economic crisis in the United States!

All three, Richard Fine, Roger Shuler, and Bill Windsor, are activists with whom I collaborated until my escape from the United States under clear and imminent danger...


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Joseph Zernik, PhD  Research Director

Dr Zernik’s core research pertains to e-government, government cyber operations, and their implications relative to human rights, civil society, and democratic institutions.

His work won appreciation in Israel and abroad:

  • Prof Uzzi Ornan - “All power to you! I hope that you see your tremendous efforts reach fruition!”

  • Attorney Avigdor Feldman - “In my opinion you are doing very important work… thank you for your thorough and persistent work”.

  • Prof Amnon Shashua, Mobileye Co-founder - “… very important work”.

  • International experts, as part of anonymous peer-review - “… challenges current thinking in the field”.

Four (4) submissions, authored by Dr Zernik and submitted under Human Rights Alert - NGO, were incorporated into UN Human Rights Council Periodic Reports regarding the US (2010, 2015) and Israel (2013, 2018).

The 2018 High Commissioner’s report on Israel included the following note:

"24. HRA-NGO highlighted the serious deterioration in integrity of law and justice agencies as a consequence of the implementation of e-government systems. It affirmed that the validity and integrity of any legal and judicial records of Israel should be deemed dubious at best."

His research has been presented and published in international academic conferences, including Data Mining (2010), Criminology (2012), E-government (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), Cyber and Law (2018), Global Security (2019), and closed discussion panels in the Israeli Democracy Institute re: “Cyber Authority Bill” and “Fake Election”.

His work was also cited in a textbook on “Machine Learning”:

"Data mining of government records - particularly records of the justice system (i.e., courts, prisons) - enables the discovery of systemic human rights violations in connection to generation and publication of invalid or fraudulent legal records by various government agencies."

In 2018 he won a thank you note from the bureau of Supreme Court of Israel Presiding Justice for pointing her attention to the inexplicable disclaimer - “subject to editing and phrasing changes” - which appeared on all decisions of the Supreme Court from 2002 to that date.

In 2017 he won the right of public entry to the courtroom in Ayalon Prison complex, where hearings are held in matters pertaining to prisoners and detainees, without the 24 hour advance approval, imposed until then.

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