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2014-02-24 ISRAEL: War hero Moti Ashkenazi+76 others versus the debtors' courts

Moti Ashkenazi during the 1973 war

Tel Aviv, February 24 - in Moti Ashkenazi+76 others v the Minister of Justice and Director of the Enforcement and Collection Authority  (2300/11), war-hero Ashkenazi petitioned the High Court of Justice to stop large-scale fraud by the banks, the courts, and the legal profession in the Israeli  debtors' courts. The Israeli debtors' courts are managed as administrative courts under the State Justice Department. According to new procedures, arbitrarily adopted by the debtors' courts, no decision, which is longer than 17 lines, is served on the debtors. At the same time, attorneys for the debt-holders continue to receive electronic notice and service uninterrupted. 


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