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2015-03-21 Holyland II: Where are Judge Rosen's Verdict and Sentence records of former PM Olmert cor

The Holyland corruption scandal originated in bribes taken by former PM Olmert. Israeli media reported a year ago that Olmert was convicted and sentence to a 6 year prison term, of which he hasn't served so far a day. Overnight, Judge David Rosen became a national hero in the war on government corruption. However, the Verdict and Sentence records are nowhere to be found... The case again demonstrates the fraud in design and operation of the Israeli courts IT system -- Net-HaMishpat. Corruption of the courts and the legal profession is a central cause of the socio-economic and political conditions in Israel today.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his secretary Shula Zaken on the background of the monstrous Holyland complex, building of which was enabled though bribing by developers.


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