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2015-05-06 The Kabbalist and AG Loretta Lynch

The Rabbi Josiah Pinto scandal is a gem of Israeli justice system corruption. The case involved the ouster of the head of "the Israeli FBI" in the midst of various high level government corruption investigations. Leaked AG Lynch letter and Israel Police investigation transcripts as well as a perverted, secretive court process indicate business as usual in the "only democracy in the middle-east".

Menashe Arbiv -- head of Israel Police National Investigations Unit ("the Israeli FBI"), was forced to resign for taking bribes from Pinto, Rabbi Pinto was convicted in a secretive, dubious trial on attempting to bribe Ephraim Bracha -- head of Israel Police National Fraud Unit. Pinto's claims that he also bribed Bracha are supported by AG Lynch's letter, but the Israeli justice system refuses to investigate the claims against Bracha.


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