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2015-06-28 When it comes to the First Amendment - Israel scores an "F"

The Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court issued last week an unprecedented "Restraining Order", which prohibits activist Barak Cohen from any speech, related to Bank HaPoalim CEO Zion Keinan. The order amounts to Prior Restraint of Free Speech... It comes in the footsteps of a series of gag orders, trying to prevent the publication of news regarding government corruption in general, and judicial corruption in particular...

Attorney Barak Cohen has become a trailblazing social protest activist, being able to rub the justice system the wrong way through artful provocations. In the latest round, he managed to provoke the Tel-Aviv court into issuing on him a Prior Restraint order, prohibiting him of making any public speech related to Zion Keinan, Bank HaPoalim top executive, key figure in fraud by the banks in collusion with the courts.


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