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2015-07-19 Suicide of commander Efraim Bracha and "collapse" of the Israel Police

Head of the National Fraud Investigations Unit Efraim Bracha committed suicide after a small online news outlet published a series of reports, pointing out evidence of his corruption and indicating that an undercover investigation was under way. The most dramatic in a large series of senior Israel Police commanders departures under clouds of corruption, it was described by media as "collapse" of the Israel Police. As is the case in other nations, the United States included, widespread police corruption is impossible absent corruption of the justice system in general and the judiciary in particular.

Key figure in current corruption scandals - Commander of the Israel Police National Fraud Investigations Unit Efraim Bracha - committed suicide on the night of July 2, 2015. He had served as the head of the Special Investigation Team in Prime Minister Rabin's assassination, which was largely seen as perverted, and it appeared that the justice system was going to avoid his investigation and incrimination at all costs.


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