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2015-12-15 The Zadorov Affair: False murder conviction of a Ukrainian exposed massive corruption

Roman Zadorov has been imprisoned for almost 10 years, as part of a life sentence for the gruesome murder 13 year old girl, which he had nothing to do with. Israeli law professor Boaz Sangero wrote: "Conviction with no real evidence". Israeli law professor Mota Kremnitzer wrote:"Conduct of the prosecution is scary... the prosecution is not seeking the truth... the justice system is mostly busy protecting itself..." Please sign the petition for his release.

Tair Rada, 13 years old, was brutally murdered in 2006 in a bathroom stall of her high school in a Golan Heights town, now compared to Twin Peaks... Ukrainian Roman Zadorov was twice convicted and has been imprisoned for almost 10 years in this case, where senior Israeli criminal law professors wrote "conduct of the prosecution is scary" and "conviction with no real evidence".


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