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2016-10-09 Joelle Ben Simon and the Jerusalem Family Court

Joelle decided to sit-in in front of the Jerusalem office of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, protesting judicial corruption. She ended up in forced psychiatric hospitalization. Now, attempt to inspect her Jerusalem Family Court files has produced clear evidence of organized crime by judges, misprision by senior staff of the Office of the Clerk, and involvement by Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked and Director General of the Ministry of Justice E my Palmor...

Court file (4835-06-13) in the Jerusalem Family Court: Sham/simulated/"draft" Judge Menahem Hacohen July 26, 2016 "Decision" record - "Attorney Inbal Weil of the Legal Assistance Bureau appeared before me... all my efforts to locate the father's request, or the Hon Judge Elbaz Decision failed... " Esti, staff member of the Office of the Clerk, again printed the record and again certified it, it "True Copy of the Original". However, then senior staff member Maya demanded the record back from Joelle and threw it in the trash. Maya explained to Esti that the record was merely a "draft", which must not be printed, must not be certified, and must not be provided to parties in the case. However, the very same record had been previously served on Joelle by the Court..


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