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2017-06-14 Roman Zadorov affair: The Supreme Court perverted decision records in Disqualification

The matter in the petition before the court: The Attorney General and the State Attorney claim that they were acting within their authority in perverting the expert opinion of Dr Chen Kugel - Head of the State Forensic Institute - pertaining to the case of Roman Zadorov. As is the case in other court files related to Zadorov, the Supreme Court perverted the records in the petition itself as well. Prof M Kremnitzer summed up conduct of the Attorney General, the State Attorney and the Supreme Court in the Roman Zadorov affair: "The justice system is primarily defending itself."

Roman Zadorov - the Ukrainian Mendel Beilis in Israel. The Jew Mendel Beillis was accused a century ago in the murder of a Ukrainian boy. Only following intense international pressure he was released from false arrest and false conviction. Even law professors openly expressed their protest. Prof Boaz Sangero wrote: "Conviction with no real evidence." Prof Mota Kremintzer wrote: "Conduct of the State Prosecution in the Zadorov case is scary ... when you add to it the position of the Supreme Court and conduct of the Attorney General, we are left with a justice system that is primarily busy defending itself." Prof Daniel Friedman wrote: "It is impossible that the Attorney General would say, the State is me. He cannot determine what the law of the land is, to shut up the entire state, and not allow anybody to express his opinion."


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